Jon Berg Eriksen, or "Redbeard" as he is known in the quartet, is a musician with a wide range of interests, some of which you will be presented on this page. 

His main profession is choir conducting, which he finished a four year bachelor in from the Norwegian Academy of Music in 2018 with the highest grade. He has, despite young age, already several years of experience in conducting choirs, and is currently conducting Sandvikens Mandskor in Bærum and Fossegrimen Blandakor in Sørumsand on a regular basis. He is widely used as a substitute for the choirs in Oslo on all different kinds of levels. 
Being fond of the traditional repertoire for choir, he is also in love with making varied and exiting projects for professionals and amateurs alike, and with his choirs have established collaborations with dixieland combos through his male choir and Sørum storband, the local big band, with Fossegrimen. 

In addition Jon simply loves to sing with other people - one of the reasons he established Tre Skjeggete Menn, and also the reason he sings tenor in Oslo Cathedral Choir, and also the professional male choir Christiania Mannskor, in addiotiton to project-choirs.  

In his solo singing career, Jon have been singing (and also playing the banjo) in Swing'it Dixieband from 2012-2017, and he is still occasionally performing with the band, specializing in the crooner-repertoire, which fits his rich and warm baritone-esc sound brilliantly.
He is also singing concerts, masses, funerals and in weddings. 
He oftentimes plays with the exceptional pianist and organ player Henriette Skagen and the multi-instrumentalist Espen Wensaas, both of which he has running projects. 


April 29th 2018

Project with 16 professional singers as part of Eriksens education as a conductor.


7th of June, 2018

Jon have been singing in the Cathedral Choir in Oslo since he moved to the city, and luckily they have embraced him as a singer and also conductor. 
He has led the choir through masses and other performances in the Oslo Cathedral. 


November 23th, 2018

Kråkevisa, or "The Crow song", is a traditional Scandinavian folk tune and tells the story about a man crossing paths with a giant crow while walking in the woods. There is a lot of verses made about how this man makes all sort of different things from the crow´s body after killing it- we only sing a selected few here. 
Espen Wensaas is a multi-instrumentalist and amazing folk musician. Feel free to check out his web page and other projects:


November 22th, 2018

With the idea to bring people together, and make a entertaining and engaging project for amateur singers, Jon reached out Golden Power Jazzband and invited local male choirs in Bærum to make a full evening jazz- og barbershop concert. 
The whole concert was filmed and posted on Youtube by Anders Rinvoll in Karl-Johan-Koret.